Some Highlights from the past 10ish days


Some Highlights from the past 10ish days

The top photo is from our trip to Recompense Campground to take quadrat samples which we then used to analyze the distribution of the Common Periwinkle (Littorina litterea).

The second photo is from our last Saturday when we helped clear branches from the hay fields down the road at Wolfes Neck Farm. Many of the sheep had their babies a few days before we came.

The third photo is the Henna tattoo I got on Sunday during the optional spa afternoon 🙂

The fourth photo is from last Friday night after we went to the Maine Rock Gym while we were at a lady from the board’s house. She lives in South Portland with a great view of the water and a group us went for a short walk while we were there. The sun was just setting then-it was absolutely beautiful!!

The last photo is of me and a friend at the Maine Rock Gym. I had a blast there!! I had forgotten how much I love to rock climb. That afternoon was one of my favorites so far 🙂


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