Who Said Mondays Can’t be good?


I am usually not a big fan of Mondays. There always seems to be so much homework the night before which means I am running often on little sleep but this Monday was different. My morning began pretty rocky, but lunch was full of laughs. Then in Coastal Adventure we made vision boards for our core desired feelings-which are feelings we want our goals to give us. Mine are appreciation, fulfillment, enthusiasm, purpose. I put masking tape in stripes on my paper and painted each section a different color that reminded me of one of my words. I made four of these, one for each word. It is so nice to get back into art again. It brings me so much joy. My bunk area is becoming full of random little art projects I’ve done; paper cranes are hung around on the ceiling, paintings on almost every wall, photos, and words that made me happy… πŸ™‚

Andd… Dinner tonight is a potato bar! YUM.

Have a fantastic week πŸ™‚Β 


2 thoughts on “Who Said Mondays Can’t be good?

  1. Nan tellier

    Hi, Emma. Somehow I missed the last two blogs, but decided I’d check up on you tonight and found them!

    What a fantastic experience you are having, and don’t you have a family day this Saturda? I’m sure it will be very special! Fun to hear you’re having a chance to enjoy art.

    You’ll have to make a shutterfly book of this semester when you get home. Are you taking lots of pictures?

    Lots and lots of love, πŸ™‚

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