It’s always an adventure


These past few weeks have been very busy!

A while ago we also went to the Portland Ice Arena for an afternoon of ice skating 🙂

On March 28th, we had an event called Coffeehouse. This is a very special event because us girls plan every aspect of it with some assistance from our English teacher. We spent the week before carefully planning the event, timing the pieces we were sharing, planning the program, and creating programs. It was a blur of excitement and nerves. The day of the event, we did a full run through of the show. After that, we all felt much better about presenting our pieces. We shared shared non fiction and fiction writings, poetry, original songs, dances, and covers of songs. The event took place at Coffee by Design in L.L. Bean. We packed our stage area with 100 or more people. It was such a special experience to share our own work with such a wonderful audience. Almost every girl had a family member come. It was certainly one of my highlights from the semester.

We recently chose our groups for the Marine Science research projects. My group of 4 girls is researching the concentrations of micro plastics at various local coastal locations. We are taking samples from the water column and surface sediments which we are then taking back to the lab to carefully analyze. Tuesday is our first day to collect data!

On Thursday we took a field trip to Popham Beach. To learn about the Popham Colony in History, we drove to the exact location of the colony and we spilt into groups to design a colony we think would survive. Then we went to the beach where we learned about the important movements of sand. Then we had about half an hour to explore the beach. It was a blast!!

Yesterday, we took a trip to a local bookstore. We spent a little over an hour perusing the seemingly endless rows of bookshelves. I bought two books, Paper Towns by John Green, and Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard. I am so glad to have found my love of books again. After we all finished buying our books, we took a short walk down the street to get gelato at Gelato Fiasco! Many of us spent 10 minutes having taste tests and ooohing and ahhing at the many flavors they served. I ordered raspberry, pomegranate with chocolate chunks and brownie batter. I was talking with my server and he said that one time he had someone order every flavor in a treat size! It was nice to take a day to relax and get outside of the farmhouse for a while.

This afternoon we are taking a walk up Morse Mountain!! The weather is supposed to be perfect today. I’m excited to go on another walk and get some exercise 🙂

Have a fantastic week everyone!



Me-so excited to be back on the beach 🙂


The group photo after Coffeehouse


Playing on the beach!


Kate Risa and I at Popham Beach


April Fools: we covered the yurt in photos of Pam


The group at Popham Colony


April Fools, we covered the dining room in photos of Rosie the Riveter


Reading my poem at Coffeehouse


Ice skating!



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