47 Reasons Why Your Sister Is The Perfect Best Friend


Been missing my sister a lot recently. Made me smile to read this.
xo poopyhead



Sisters are genetically gifted to you as the optimum best friend choice.

  1. Your mom’s grocery shopping caused you to like the same snacks.
  2. Nothing depicts friendship compatibility more so than corresponding snack preferences.
  3. You basically have guaranteed Maid-Of-Honor privileges.
  4. Anything and everything that you own is a shared commodity.
  5. It is your closet times two.
  6. You will actually wage in world wars over this matter on a fairly regular basis, yet the borrowing continues.
  7. If you wear even remotely the same size as your sister, and you don’t want something to be worn, it must be padlocked in a safe.
  8. But sisters always know your goofy passwords anyway, so that probably won’t work.
  9. Nothing you could ever do in front of her could feel embarrassing in the slightest.
  10. She loves your pets just as much as you do.
  11. Your sister literally knows everything about you; therefore she knows how to…

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5 thoughts on “47 Reasons Why Your Sister Is The Perfect Best Friend

  1. phoenix1403

    Dear Em
    It is so fun to read your posts. They are so warm and witty and playful.
    It’s like being there with you, especially the ‘with you’ part.
    Happy Spring
    Much love
    Uncle Jim (& Irene)

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