Essays, presentations and other exciting adventures


Wow. It has been quite a while since my last blog post but I really do have some reasons for that: things have been wonderfully busy here. First, for the past 5 weeks we have all been preparing our science presentations. This entailed creating a big list of things we were curious about. Then, as a group we found common themes for our curiosities and split into four groups accordingly. One group was studying bioluminescence in dinoflagellates, they called themselves the BioLumineers. Another group was studying the biodiversity of the mud, they called themselves the Maine Mudders. Another group was studying the effects of anthropogenic noise on chickadees. The group I was in studied the concentrations of microplastics off the coast of Freeport, and we called ourselves The Plastics. We read peer reviewed articles on our subjects and began writing our scientific research papers. We also came up with questions about our topic that we could answer through four days of data collection. We collected our data and analyzed it. We finished our research papers, and last Friday, we presented our results to the public and our families. We then had the weekend to be home. These past five weeks have really focused on our research projects. 

This coming week, we are preparing for Coastal Expedition-an 8 day trip of hiking and exploring Maine Coast. I am really excited for the trip. I can’t believe we have only 5 weeks before graduation. It is bittersweet. 

I am going to try to write posts more regularly… Wish me luck. 


The picture above was taken after my groups last day of data collection. 

(I should go start writing my essay on Eurocentrism)

Have a great week 🙂  


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