53 Things I have learned at Coastal Studies for Girls


1. Communication is often under valued

2. Morning runs can make any day rock

3. You can never eat enough fruit

4. Staying up until 3am reading a really good book is a great idea

5. You can never laugh too much

6. Never take yourself too seriously

7. Don’t assume another’s intentions are negative 

8. Brushing your teeth should always be a group activity

9. Spontaneous runs in the rain are always a good idea

10. Running in the rain on ice and slush can be fun

11. The journey is more important than the destination

12. You have more power than you think

13. A smile can make anyone’s day better; smile often

14. Notes of affirmation make everyone’s day better

15. Community service rocks

16. Feminism doesn’t mean you hate men

17. Eurocentrism is one of the worst problems in our education system

18. Semester schools will change your life

19. Find the good in hard situations and stick with it

20. Leadership doesn’t mean you have all the answers

21. Small changes make all the difference in the world

22. Cutting down on your sugar intake will make all the difference in the world

23. Sometimes you don’t need help you just need to try harder

24. Poetry rocks

25. Slam poetry rocks

26. Microplastics in our oceans is a serious issue

27. Drinking more water will change your life 

28. We would not be alive without the ocean

29. Ocean acidification is a very real issue 

30. Aquaponics also rock

31. The Bold Coast Trail is one of the most beautiful places on earth

32. Reading Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard will change your life 

33. History class doesn’t have to be boring 

34. Taking time for yourself will change your life

35. Silence is rarely as bad as it seems

36. Wonder Circles will change your life

37. Your body language says a lot more than you might think

38. Stress is your body preparing your for action

39. Reading more will help you in every area of your life

40. Eating outside is the best

41. There isn’t poor weather only poor clothing choice

42. You are capable of more than you think

43. Yoga in the morning will always brighten your day 

44. Hiking is always a good idea

45. Your outlook on a situation has a huge impact on its outcome

46. Doing something outside your comfort zone will help you grow more than you thought possible

47. Muskrats have their own genus

48. BAM (beauty appreciation moments) will brighten your life

49. Taking a self defense class will change your life

50. Volunteering at a soup kitchen will change your life 

51. Covering your wall in little happy things will help you keep your negativity in check

52. Getting letters in the mail is one of the best things ever

53. Watching TED talks will change your life  


I could have written more but the pile of homework is starting to scare me; I have so much homework to do but I also really wanted to write this blog post so I did. Now that I’m finished I guess I should get crackin’ on the pile of homework staring at me. 

Have a fantastic week!! 


4 thoughts on “53 Things I have learned at Coastal Studies for Girls

  1. Nan Tellier

    Oh, Emma, that is a wonderful list. made me think! Hard to believe your semester is almost over. Imagine it will be hard to leave all your close friends, but think what you will be sharing with the world!

    So much love,


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