A Whirl Wind


This past week has been a whirl wind. We have been busy preparing our semester reflections which we presented today. There was an amazing array of different ways we presented our reflections. Some girls did powerpoints, or wrote a speech, or a poem, a spoken word poem, videos… The list goes on and on! It has also been a whirl wind of emotions. Excited to go home but so sad to leave. And so many lasts–solo, yoga, lunch, breakfast, sleeping all together in the bunk room–this list also goes on and on… 

Tomorrow morning is graduation. I can’t believe this is all over tomorrow.

I have to write a short post because the bunk room is also a whirl wind of commotion as we pack up! I sprained my ankle yesterday but I am going to try to be as helpful as possible. I will write more when I get home!


The Day has Arrived


The Day has Arrived

It was wonderful to see almost everyone time at Banff last night, what a great show. This morning I leave on the 1 hour and 28 minute journey down to Freeport. The endless days of packing are now over. All the last minute items have been added: toothbrush, hairbrush, stuffed bear, and my pillow. As nightmarish pictures of standing outside in the rain with no rain coat, or cold nights with no warm socks filled my head, I ran around the house again to make sure I had everything. When I finally felt there was nothing left to forget, I held my breath as we carried out my five packed bags. As I walked out the door for the last time, I felt joy and tears both at once, but what filled me most was gratitude. Gratitude to my friends, teachers, my school counselor, and my family for their endless support, and even the people I didn’t know who supplied me with some of the various items I needed. What a glorious, spontaneous, crazy journey this has been. I cannot wait for whatever lies ahead!